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Domenico Barra 


Domenico is an Italian artist working with new digital media. His poetry is to be found in the realm of machines failures where he interprets the glitch in various environments and digital styles. The error, the limit, the unexpected, the opportunity, the diversity, the imperfection, these are some of the meanings of the glitch in his works. Low resolution, High vision. Glitch is the event. Pixel is the element. Departing from these grounds of elaboration, Domenico develops his research and practice on various topics related to temporality, functionality, accessibility, opportunity and also a focus on networks, community, intelligence, language, memory, identity.

Domenico’s works have been published on various sites and magazines including The Creators Project, Motherboard, Bullet Magazine, Hyperallergic, Monopol, Observer, Artribune, Exibart, Widewalls and Digicult.

He took part in numerous curatorial projects and his works have been exhibited at the DAM Gallery in Berlin, at the Media Center in New York, at the Galerie Charlot in Paris, at the Digital Art Center in Taipei, online at World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO], at the Central Academy of Fine Arts [CAFA] in Beijing, at the MediaLAB of the University of Brasilia, at the Wrong Biennale and in many other galleries and cultural art events worldwide. His works have also been part of academic talks and lectures in various international institutes and universities.

He directed the organization of the first Glitch Art group exhibition in Italy, Tactical Glitches, curated by artists Rosa Menkman and Nick Briz. In 2016 he was among the international artists invited by the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for the 150th anniversary of the important and famous American art institution where I gave a lecture and a public talk about piracy and pornography, the impact of the internet and digital media on the production, distribution and consumption of NSFW.

Domenico teaches glitch art and dirty new media at the Rome University of Fine Art (RUFA) and he gives lectures and presentations about glitch art and related topics at academies, schools and festivals. He is the creator of the White Page Gallery/s, a decentralized and distributed art network born in June 2019.