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Blockchain Could Address Inequity In the Art World

While art institutions are interrogating the contents of their collections with respect to race, gender, and sexuality, artists like Pak and WMA demand that institutions and collectors put their money where their mouth is. Will the crypto market simply mirror the preexisting problems present in other aspects of our society?

July 2021

By Misha Libman and Leila Stein

The art newspaper

Contract Killers: artist Nancy Baker Cahill challenges the efficacy of the 'smart contracts' behind NFTs with an augmented reality project

The artist has partnered with the technology studio Snark art, open source blockchain platform Tezos, to create an augmented reality series that points out not only the deficiencies between owners and creators of NFT’s but also to the greater imbalance of power and lack of trust that underlays society.

May 2021

By Daniel Cassady

Art in America

NFT as Memento

If 89 seconds at Alcázar penetrates a painting’s interior, the atomized version goes inside the video, exploiting the modularity of digital media to break the work up and ask what it means for the possession of an artwork to be shared.

March 2021

By Brian Droitcour


How NFTs Became Art, and Everything Became an NFT

Thanks to the magic of smart contracts (code in NFTs that dictates ownership), you can “request a loan” from all of the other NFT-owners of “89 Seconds Atomized,” and when they loan you all of their pixels you can recreate the piece in all its original glory.

March 2021

By CoinDesk Insights