Burn Before Reading

The Oracle of Mr. Fox

Burn Before Reading is an AI-generated crypto-fortune cookie.

Only 10,000 free fortune cookies will be generated with a poetic fortune hidden inside.

Mr. Fox challenges collectors to make a choice between fortune and value.

Open your cookie and Mr. Fox will reveal your poetic fortune, but its trade value is destroyed forever.

Keep it closed and these crypto-fortune cookies can be traded just like any crypto-currency, with speculative value of the currency increasing as fewer and fewer unopened cookies remain.

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How it Works

Claim your free cookie

Open the cookie to reveal the AI fortune but destroy its value

Keep the cookie closed to sell or gift later

Fortunes depend on the entropy of your choice and are Tweeted to the public


Who is Mr. Fox

Like a traditional fortune cookie, we may never know the true identity of its author. It may be one individual, a whole factory of writers, or possibly even something inhuman. As an AI-generated voice, the identity of Mr. Fox is emergent - a future - arcing from one blackhole to another as a brief flash of combustion and light.

Invisible, whispering through a temporal firewall, gazing back at us across the uncanny valley and challenging our assumptions: What is artificial? What is intelligible? Where is language occurring - in the author or in the reader? And if we are the network, then we might ask of ourselves: Where is the body in this noir?

Mr. Fox circumvents the Turing Test entirely by holding up a black mirror. The question then is not whether she might pass a test, but whether we might fail one. The problem with cracking the code is that the answer is in code.

Only 10,000 free fortune cookies will be generated with a poetic fortune hidden inside.

Claim your fortune and make your choice.