Seven Men Floating over the Cuban Jungle B by Alejandro Piñeiro Bello at
About the artwork

A set on the Cuban Jungle river blurred and submerged into an Ultramarine Blue background with floating over seven images, from top to bottom: Shiva, Three African Babalawos, Jesus Sacred Heart, Torii Gate, Yin-Yang, Siri and a Sephiroth. This new painting is a part of my latest experiments with conceptual paintings that presenting a perpetual dialogue with the surrounding world, Cuba, the Caribbean, and a Collective Art Experience. 

I have been practicing in various mediums, worked collectively, and solo on paintings, sculpture, photography, video art, installations, and VR. I'd like with imaginary of my paintings to create a portal to the lands of Installation, objects, or even virtual reality. With this series, I am serving as an antenna that reflects the ideas, concepts, past and instant life, social media imagery, socio-political matters, human interactions, and intimacy in our era in front (or behind) of a Phone screen. This is my way to filter the world, news, social media, FaceTime calls, even the recent meeting of Kim and Trump in Red Ultra, migrants on USA-Mexico border, famous artwork  “The Raft of Medusa” by Théodore Géricault, being associated to a Cuban Raft in the middle of the Caribbean.

You can recognize a hand holding an iPhone (Blue ultra) talking a picture of “The Origin of the World” by Courbet, a human brain, a man swimming across the Rio Bravo, an amazonian man in the middle of the Jungle; images of a naked girl in a pool and human body parts spread on the canvases. There are layers of stored content in our minds and collective conscience that reveal the momentum of total disconnection with the real world.

Seven Men Floating over the Cuban Jungle B, 2020

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