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The Trilogy, 2020

Audio05:38 min65 Mo.WAVDigital artwork
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About the artwork
The Trilogy is a 5:38 min sound work designed specifically by Loris Gréaud for the platform "In The Age of Quarantine" - the entire sale will exceptionally be donated to the platform, at the request of the artist. It is inspired by the readings taken by astrophysicists in the course of their research into asteroseismology: the stars, when they die, seem to be agitated by light pulsations; these pulsations are in fact due to the emission of sound frequencies. Their last rant, so to speak. Loris Gréaud has chosen three of these frequencies that in providential alignment seem to tune into each other, gradually disintegrating until they get lost in the immensity of the silence that surrounds them. The work can be broadcast from any stereo audio system.  New works by Loris Gréaud will soon be available. 
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Ilya and Emilia Kabakov$29June 21, 2020 20:15