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Big Cock, 2013

SculptureCeramic7.9 x 3.5 x 2.8 in (20 x 9 x 7 cm)Physical artwork
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This is a unique work
Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
Certificate of authenticity.
Frame not included.
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About the artwork
Michele Giangrande's new ceramics series was presented in his solo exhibition titled Urwege that was held at the Paolo Eretta Contemporary Art Gallery, in Berlin. The series discovers the archaic and primitive through a systemic approach to painting, sculpture, craftsmanship, installation, and architecture. Starting from its origins, the artist decides to take a journey back to traditions and the history of humanity itself, to reach the first artistic expressions and thus grasp the basic spark. The exhibition is therefore conceived as a unicum where the only subject is creation. The exhibition displays ceramic artifacts that represent the essentials in combination with elements of ancient memory (heart and brain on a scale, reproductive organs, skull in a brazier full of hot coals, etc.) and an installation that celebrates brick, a basic element of architecture. The choice is not accidental: the brick evokes the primordial and basic forms of geometry and construction. One of the solutions considered here is the primitive trilithic system, the foundation of architecture itself. The peculiarity of these works is the use of the typical Apulian ceramic decoration, chosen by the artist as a reminiscence of his derivations and traditions, therefore as a starting point for his research. The decoration is recognizable by an ivory white background, dotted with recurring elementary motifs with six or five cobalt blue dots, combined with the traditional image of a rooster, subject to the strong symbolism that has its roots in the mists of time. Giangrande's research is an attempt to identify in the far past communication projected to the future, through a playful-analytical journey that starts from one's memories, traversing the genesis of doing with careful lightness.