robotmarks#9 by ShihYun Yeo at
About the artwork

The artist is fascinated with random occurrences, improvisation, and the liberating qualities of non-traditional tools such as toy robots. Through the use of inventive and playful tools to create eccentric forms or spontaneous arrangements, her work is freed from the constraints of academic visual vocabularies. The results are works of art constituted of absolute freedom and honesty. Her main goal in using these robotic tools is to surrender authorial control and to release drawing from its traditional enslavement to the artist’s hand. In some cases, she is even able to outsmart her own will and intentions as an aesthetic creator.

Embodying the notion of humanity’s endless obsession with and devotion to technology, this series of work was created by modified toy robots utilising drawing tools such as sticks, Chinese and Western brushes, strips of canvas and threads, and Chinese ink.

robotmarks#9, 2020

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