Untitled (broken machine #12) by Simion Cernica at Snark.art
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Untitled (broken machine #12), 2020

Drawing, work on paperMixed media (pencil, acrylic, collage) on paper12 x 9 in (30.5 x 23 cm)Physical artwork
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About the artwork
The works on paper have become an important aspect of my wider practice, a subservient way to visualize ideas. Born as an immediate ‘arte povera’ exercise, they go against “drawing” tradition and the pretentiousness of the medium. Starting with a freestyle sketch, they gain more structure and contained forms in the process, steadily purifying the impulses and revealing rhythms by adding new layers of drawing, collage and glare. The materials used are purposely basic: pencils, masking tape and paper remnants leftover from painting and studio activities, as well as simple acrylics and watercolors. Fueled by the same raw energy as my larger paintings, these works are found to be more ludic, intimate and candid.
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Ilya and Emilia Kabakov$29June 21, 2020 20:15