Ballroom by Alina Orlov at
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Ballroom, 2015

Video5:25 minHDDigital artwork
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About the artwork
The seemingly nude woman in the video "Ballroom" dances alone. Her bare feet are coloured a faded blue, she sings a Russian pop song in a cracked voice.  In another scene, flashing lights, American arcade machines, and a sparkling evening gown hanging on a coat-hanger fill a ting room.  They suggest a yearning for something that was and no longer is, past fame perhaps or an unfulfilled fantasy. Translation for the video: Once upon a time there was a painter He had a little house and canvas But he loved an actress who loved flowers He then sold his home Sold his paintings and his shelter And with all the money he bought a whole sea of flowers A million of scarlet roses From the window you can see The one, who is seriously in love, transforms his life into flowers for you. Can someone hug me please? This is not a place for that kind for silly things.