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I started working on the Biophilia series few years ago but ever since the onset of the pandemic, the drive behind the project became ever more intense and purposeful. What made me start work on the series was a nagging awareness that I had about the way in which we were treating the planet—we cut down and burn the planet, we pollute it and we exploit it. I knew that art had to play a role in expanding our awareness around the treatment of the planet. And when the pandemic came about, I thought there was no better time for humans to realize how their daily activities contributed to the degradation of the Earth and how those relationships could be rethought. But it was also time for reflection, for humans to see the ways they were also damaging themselves with their fast paced lifestyles. I think those two aspects of the awareness that the pandemic brought are related—the structures of the human organism are but a microcosm of the larger organism that is the planet, so when humans choose to take care of the planet, they will also be unconsciously taking care of themselves. Biophilia is meant to underline those unconscious connections that humans have with nature.

Biophilia 6, 2020

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