1971, from the series Quinquenio Gris (Grey five-years period) by Alejandro Gonzalez at Snark.art
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1971, from the series Quinquenio Gris (Grey five-years period), 2015

PhotographArchival pigment print / 100% cotton paper24" x 40"Physical artwork
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Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
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In the Age of Quarantine
Frame not included.
Ships from Havana, Cuba
About the artwork

The 1970s in Cuba marked the end of an era and the beginning of the Sovietization of the Cuban model. This is the period known as the "quinquenio gris" (1970-1975). A policy of intolerance was drawn up; Soviet models - military, administration and government - were copied, Cuba orbited around the economic machinery of the USSR. The First National Congress on Education and Culture (CNEC) was held, and policies to be followed regarding education, religion, sexuality, mass media, fashion and custom, among others, were established. Art was agreed upon to be a weapon of the Revolution, an instrument against enemy penetration. Homosexuality was defined as a social pathology. The dismissal of artists, intellectuals and professors “of amoral, extravagant or scandalous life” began. The photograph of a scale model made of cardboard and lead, reconstructs a period of dogmatism and bureaucracy. (Artist invited by curator Gladys Garrote.)

In the age of Quarantine

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