Owl's Mirror (Associations?) by Sussman & Lee at Snark.art
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Owl's Mirror (Associations?), 2015

Mirror mounted on painted wood with sign paintingGlass mirror, wood, paint80" x 36"Physical artwork
$2200Current price
This is a unique work
Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
This artwork is a part of project:
In the Age of Quarantine
Frame not included.
Ships from Brooklyn, NY
About the artwork

Owl's Mirror (Associations?) is an element from the multi-media installation "No food No money No jewels". A factory mirror was created for each character in videos – a way for them to check their image on the way to the factory floor. OWL, is a know-it-all foreman of the factory, management, accusing and interrogating the workers. The character of Owl is based on Whittaker Chambers, specifically, his testimony against Alger Hiss at the House Un-American Activities Committee. To learn more about the project: shorturl.at/cFL56 shorturl.at/msxN3