Utopia Hole by Baratto & Mouravas at Snark.art
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Utopia Hole, 2018

Illustration15 MBJPEGDigital artwork
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About the artwork

Artwork from the book 'Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself: Future Relics', made in collaboration with Viktor Gogas. The Utopia Hole imaginative chart stems from the investigative project 'Future Relics' developed through field research in Aruba, in the Dutch Antilles, exploring the existence of a mythical island named Antilia and its connection to a German WWII shipwreck: the SS Antilla. The chart materialises as a mosaic in time and space, and represents the (im)possibility of Utopia, and functions as a tool to get lost rather than finding the way. As the future is an imminent moment, already inscribed into the present instant, the visual labyrinth of the work reframes a given past into an immeasurable utopia.