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The tragedies and traumas of 2020 have marked us all, a year of pain and sacrifice, but also a year of awakening. An invisible virus spread from a single Pangolin (not by coincidence the most poached animal on Earth) to the lungs of one single person in Wuhan China, and from that one person on to infect thirty million people worldwide in 9 months. The virus was spread one person at a time, simply breathing in and breathing out, a poetic and profound reminder that we are all interconnected to every single other person on the planet by the air that we breathe. Today my protest is against despair, cynicism, depression, hatred, destruction, violence, surrender, inequality, and opportunism. Hope and Love are four-letter words that unite communities with the beauty of vision with the spirit of love. Every revolution that is not rooted in love will fail. I am everything that I eat and everything that I drink, connected through the economic trade routes, and spiritual web of life, to every single living plant and animal on Earth. My body is the mirror of all life and all life depends on how I love and respect my self.  

Art is a vital source of life because it transforms reality: Art flows from worlds unseen, from the Quantum Unconscious into the realms of perception and manifests as the illusion of reality. There has never been a more important, nor more pressing time than right now for artists to affect changes in the ways we understand politics, healing, ecology, and economy. Art embodies the power of hope with the beauty of transformation. (Kendell Geers, 2020)

Crypt of Earthly Delights 6712, 2020

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