File_1759_St.Patrick Day Parade in New York_ From the series Scan by Nikita Shokhov at
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File_1759_St.Patrick Day Parade in New York_ From the series Scan, 2016

PrintPigment InkJet print on fine art paper15" x 20" (38 x 51 cm)Physical artwork
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Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
This artwork is a part of project:
In the Age of Quarantine
Frame not included.
Ships from New York, NY, USA
About the artwork

This work belongs to a long-term series called SCAN. It explores the phenomenon of mass processions as human manifestation of “carnival”. In ancient and medieval times, the meaning behind the carnival events was to escape the environment of total fear controlled by the establishment. Having "scanned" processions on multiple holidays celebrations, political rallies, military parades, sacred events, I saw that modern “carnivals” support new demands of dominant ideology while still fulfilling the human need for belonging. In the context of social distancing, images with large numbers of people united by a communal event both spiritually and also visually – they literally merge in one moving body due to the effect of scanning technique – bring the physical sense of unity to forefront. The use of slit scanning photography allows me to capture 40 seconds of reality in one image while enabling the viewer to see a documentary snapshot of reality in four dimensions, including the dimension of time that the human eye would not normally see.