File 1793. St. Patrick's Day, Boston. by Nikita Shokhov at
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File 1793. St. Patrick's Day, Boston., 2016

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About the artwork

While belonging to the documentary tradition, Shokhov’s series of images, entitled “Scan”, go beyond the boundaries of traditional “direct” photography. 

The use of slit scanning photography allows him to capture 40 seconds of reality in one image. Movable objects, such as cars and people, undergo a process of plastic deformation evoking the spirit of photography in the era of “post-truth”. 

Shokhov’s subject matter includes holiday celebrations, political rallies, military parades, and sacred procession. These activities, which invariably support dominant ideologies, fulfil the human need for belonging. 

In this time of social distancing, images of mass gatherings have acquired additional meanings. Scan explores the phenomenon of mass processions as a manifestation of “carnival” in its more traditional role; an escape from fear.