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"Open your eyes to every patch of sunshine" is a series of collages, which discusses my experience as an afro-descendant woman in the process of accepting my identity. The series is inspired by the desire to reformulate the Western stereotype of feminine beauty today.

I use the faces of black women and place them in a universe where they are the new goddesses of beauty. The faces I take belong to images that break with the canon of Western beauty.

I place these women in a mystical and ideal universe where their bodies are interwoven with dissimilar objects and abstract forms that give them a symbolic meaning similar to divinities or goddesses.

In my work they are surrounded by the opulence of gold and the energy of yellow; symbols of power. My protagonists are composed of a kind of armor that protects and empowers them.

They are collages that seek to be sensorially attractive and seductive.
I want these works to have a captivating sense in order to formulate the image of a new woman. My intention is that this new type of woman-goddess that I propose will incite the acceptance of a different canon of beauty.

This series celebrates the various ethnic components that are part of human beings, but also, of the historical, political, social and cultural reality that surrounds us in Cuba.

With my work I seek to support the Afro-descendant movement in my country, a movement to which I belong and with which I identify.

From the series "Open Your Eyes to Every Patch of Sunshine" No. 5 "Untitled", 2020

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