Oleoducto (from the Dystopian Landscape series) by José Capaz at Snark.art
About the artwork
Through the series "Dystopian Landscape" I am interested in representing facts that start from images or historical events, but that somehow I am going Transforming. This work is supported by visual documentation of the oil wells burned during the Gulf War. These wells and the physical context in which they are framed are represented by me in a tone that tends toward estrangement. The political event and its ramifications are also symbolically alluded to, amid the framework of human action and its destructive consequences for a society increasingly close to dystopia.

Oleoducto (from the Dystopian Landscape series), 2020

PaintingOil on canvas27 x 39 x 2 in (68,58 x 99,06 x 5,08 cm)
$1000 Current price
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Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
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