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Crypto Heroes is the most recent comprehensive series of works by Denis Ouch dedicated to blockchain technology and to industry‐leading cryptocurrencies.

An economist turned visual artist; Ouch has been increasingly optimistic about the future of alternative digital assets since Bitcoin’s inception in 2008. The series is the artist’s praise to blockchain technology with its promise of ultimate economic freedom, growing adaptation of cryptocurrencies, and the daring boldness of their inventors.

A Pop artist par excellence, Ouch reinvents international symbols of fame, power, authority, innovation and freedom, incorporating altcoins into their iconic looks. Notorious B.I.G, Superman and the artist’s signature Statue of Liberty proudly carry Bitcoin, Stellar and Litecoin symbols into the future, where reason and liberalization reign supreme. The anonymous banker, the epitome of stability and political establishment, feature the sign of Ripple, an Altcoin widely adopted by financial institutions. For the first time, Ouch incorporates playful Cupid and even mythological Samson (symbol of victorious 18th Century Russia, a nod to the artist’s homeland) into his visual vocabulary. Breezing his way through chaos, Buddha peacefully floats against the backdrop of Ouch’s signature eye catching palette. 

It is no secret that tech and financial innovators often turn to art history for inspiration. Street and Pop Art, with its emphasis on collective effort, tongue‐in‐cheek turning the ephemeral into real value and most importantly, reference to the world of a regular individuals and ones immense potential are strikingly similar to blockchain and cryptocurrency ideological underpinnings.

In Crypto Heroes, Ouch reaffirms his standing of how flexible he is as an artist, brilliantly adapting to any medium and carrier ‐ from real life walls to digital walls, his work captures one’s eye, mind and heart alike.

Mary and Son Trust, 2020

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