PINGA (PINK) by Misha Milovanovich at
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PINGA (PINK), 2019

VideoMP4Digital artwork
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About the artwork
Misha’s latest sculpture ‘Pinga’ is made of 8 steel parts welded in a complex artistic and technical process. Each piece provides a different view of the whole and an almost cubist set of optical scenes emerge. Misha’s shapes are undoubtedly female - an evolving set of “womblike forms”. She uses elements of nature - birds, clouds, petals, and cellular structures and coverts their three-dimensional forms into flat color and line. Then she creates slices of abstraction - creating new and playful visions of life rendered in steel. Inuit mythology describes Pinga as a goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine. In Jungian psychology, the psychopomp is a mediator between the unconscious and conscious realms. It is symbolically personified in dreams as a wise man or woman, or sometimes as a helpful animal.