Yo Solo Soy un Ejército by Marlon Portales at Snark.art
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Yo Solo Soy un Ejército, 2012

Video (Stop motion)1:26 minAVIDigital artwork
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About the artwork

The series Repeat it a thousand times so you don't forget, Avant Garde and Democratic Thought, seek to symbolically transfer the viewer to their learning and instructional space in the academic formation of ethical and moral values. In which we are constituted with a strong pedagogical component and of moral penance in front of the group, to define and correct our conduct.

All the works in this series are based on the same symbolic resource: a blackboard, writing with chalk and the subject interacting with a strong performative character. The discursive comprises identity and representational questions from the linguistic, intertextual, and imposing to the discrepancies imposed on a contemporary subject by the choice or vocation for a democratic ideology.