Sex Domino 2, Rainbow Series by Oksana Mas at
About the artwork

With the “Sex Domino” series Oksana Mas gives a subtle nod to Cézanne’s “Bathers”, an important Modernist masterpiece that exists in several versions with slight differences in color, poses and the level of abstraction.

In “Sex Domino” the figures (eggs and bodies) are arranged according to chance. The artist gives them a maximum of freedom, placing the subjects in points of minimal mutual tension and a certain rhythm (“Bicycle Ride”, “U-shu”) or dwell in organized chaos (“People and Pigeons”, “People and Dogs”, “Skating Rink”).

Each square of the “Sex Domino” series is a unique combination of color and egg shapes that creates its unique narrative.

Sex Domino 2, Rainbow Series, 2019

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