Beach Rat, from “Really, Honey?” series. by José Ángel Nazabal at
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Beach Rat, from “Really, Honey?” series., 2019

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About the artwork

The “Really, Honey?” series reflects the area of the queer universe that is most influenced by the camp aesthetic: poses, affectation, and drama.

I am interested in including androgynous men who show other forms of non- normative sexualities so that they constitute strong figures who tell a story of empowerment. It is a visual story where the queer body, a body that disagrees with the normalizing social practices, stands as a free being who chooses for himself, as an individual who belongs to himself in his totality, to whom his beauty, his body, his pleasure, and his own fluids belong.

Beyond the apparent frivolity of the images, these scenarios seem to float within a hedonistic atmosphere of beauty and enjoyment, made not at all gratuitous within my work: one of the main objectives I set myself is to subvert and pay homage to sexual minorities and to provide them with a vision that favors empowerment and social positioning, rather than victimization or defeat.