Ghostin by José Nazabal at
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Ghostin, 2020

Digital filestill4700px x 4700pxJPGDigital artwork
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About the artwork

Ghosting is framed within queer work, penetrating deep into so-called non-normative sexualities, which serve as subjects of study, but never as agents of social change. It proposes to disarticulate constructs, as well as to dialogue with some of the dominant and peripheral sexual practices, generating specific subjectivities. Following the principle that the personal is political, I seek to give greater prominence to the individual through the sexual bodies and subjects represented in my work, promoting diversity and thus activating a political potential aimed at subverting the norm. Ghosting, a word derived from Ghost, is a term used in contemporary times to describe the practice by which one person disappears from the life of another, without explanation. This practice is often very common in romantic relationships where one partner does not want to continue the relationship and instead of saying so openly chooses to disappear, like a ghost. Generally this practice is associated with social media and communication in the virtual world, since it is generally in cyberspace where absence first manifests itself. Ghosting is a dramaturgical exercise, a pastiche, a hybrid between dream, reality and hallucination. In Ghosting there is an interest in storytelling. I am interested in ambiguity, manipulation, obsessive pursuit, relentless search and capture, as if it were the captious plot of a psychological thriller. I am interested in the fictional trickery and narrative artifices around the image.