Phases of Medusa by José Ángel Nazabal at
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Phases of Medusa, 2020

Digital filestillJPGDigital artwork
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About the artwork
Phases of Medusa is inspired by the classic myth of Medusa, that fantastic creature that embodied panic and could petrify wherever she posed her gaze. In some versions of the myth, whoever carried the head of the Medusa obtained favor in battle and defeated his rivals by using his fulminating gaze. In Western culture, the Medusa represents the deepest terrors, those traumas that we cannot rationally describe and that paralyze us by preventing the functioning of the limbs and joints. In the image the decapitation is recontextualized in oriental codes, specifically in the Japanese tradition of kabuki theater. For this reason, one of the characters wears make-up in the typical manner of a Kabuki actor playing the role of a villain and is lying on a sheet of camellias, flowers that symbolize love and desire in Japan. One of the characters, the one holding the cut head, is taking a selfie in a triumphant attitude, as if he were wearing a trophy, which represents a sexual reference to the probationary fact, the photographic evidence of the encounter. In this work there are certain references to the text The Game of Decapitations by the famous Cuban writer José Lezama Lima, who addressed the homoerotic theme on several occasions.