Ossessione (Obsession) by Domenico Barra at Snark.art
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Ossessione (Obsession), 2020

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About the artwork

The Coronavirus pandemic was the first time that I as an individual and we as a community and society experienced a total global lockdown. The limited freedom of movement, being confined within the walls of our homes, distant from our beloved ones, the new status of being, even if it was at some levels an opportunity for re-thinking our life style, values and priorities, it has been a dark existential experience for many, especially for those affected by already vulnerable and fragile condition.

While the disease was providing many of oxygen, leading often to death, the new situation we came to experience became an obsession for many. The pandemic is not only affecting our physical health, but also our mental well-being where in many cases lead people towards a fatal end.

Ossessione (Obsession) and Ossigeno (Oxygen), a diptych, depict the grave circumstances humanity are facing. An opportunity for reflecting on our existing. A moment of remembrance. An invitation to elaborate on the essence of life, as individuals and a collectivity.