Total WI-FI Series N69 by Oksana Mas at
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Total WI-FI Series N69, 2020

DrawingStickers, acrylic, pencil, varnish on cardboard15 x 19.7 in (38 x 50 cm)Physical artwork
$700 Current price
This is a unique work
Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
Certificate of authenticity.
Frame not included.
Ships from Figueres, Spain
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About the artwork
«Total Wi-Fi» is the project which was first shown in 2018 by the Italian museum MA*GA in Sotheby’s Milan Space — the humanization of the non-figurative, artistic reconciliation of the abstract and what is commonly understood. The desacralization of art for the sake of the superhuman, belonging to human. Black on black, Oksana Mas’ pastose brushwork creates rhythmic textures, somewhere become image codes, hearts, Alberto Giacometti-like silhouettes, eastern ornaments, hieroglyphics, signs. The search for human code, bringing the massive to a planetary scale — that’s what the artist is concerned about. It’s no coincidence that we often meet egg or scull images in her projects, though here she refers to the black tone in its ancient Chinese meaning, as the color of concentrated divine light, the Universe, the color giving birth to all other colors. This understanding amazingly echoes in the newest theories of dark matter, cross-cutting the Universe. And it makes us recall the feeling of being blinded after looking at the Sun, the bright light source. Text Courtesy Àmbit Galeria d'Art