Human Nature 18 by Alice Herrick at
About the artwork
These paintings relate specifically to drawings made in a series of 27 small sketchbooks over the summer of 2019. Every day for four months I drew the world around me, including memories and imagined situations. On trains, at the park, the beach, galleries, cafes, etc…I recorded hundreds of faces and places. In light of restrictions we all live with this summer, these drawings feel quite poignant and nostalgic, as faces are covered, gatherings limited and travel is complicated… The Human Nature sketchbook series inspired 28 small paintings and 6 larger works, including Drowned World I & II. The paintings retain a sense of the clean lined graphic quality of the drawings, including their ‘split-screen’ narrative style. On Hampstead Heath there is a special place…the ladies’ pond…a place to swim in nature…a place to wonder at the beauty and variety of the female form.

Human Nature 18, 2019

PaintingAcrylic on panel10 x 11.8 in (22.5 x 30 cm)
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