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The Earth Is Like a Child That Knows Poems by Heart

Gilbert Hage450$

Blue cloud number 2

Alina Orlov1171$


Mihai Ciplea650$

Surface (23)

MaryKate Maher200$

Closing ranks within oneself. Safety maybe third. They deemed dance a dear protectionism. Circling the square. Sharp safeties. Room for welcome? Space for space? Onerous obelisk. Weapons and shelters.

Stephanie Barber671$

40 under 40

Gabriel Baribeau1200$


Liza Bobkova400$

Surface (22)

MaryKate MaherSold


Giulia Furlan300$

Eraser head

José Capaz1200$

Are you remembering something?

Liza Bobkova400$

I want you (rus. Ya hochu tebya)

Liza Bobkova400$

Window to Armenia

Lyubov Matyunina4000$


Janice Sloane800$

La guancia dell'inquisitore

Francesco Snote1000$

Untitled No. 32 from Epilogue I series

Adrián Fernández2000$

Untitled Sound Drawing from The Audiovisual Archive)

Volkmar Klien321$

Koud 003_LP03, Lahcen Assauon, 26 janvier 2019

Julia Borderie & Eloïse Le Gallo650$

#yemoja series

Rita GT1460$

Inner Light

Demosthenes Davvetas1400$

Mathusalem 3

Francesco Snote2000$

Freedom Dancer

Beezy Bailey1145$


Rita GT1300$


Misha Milovanovich300$