Petals of Blood (64), Diptych by Kendell Geers at
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Petals of Blood (64), Diptych, 2019

PaintingAcrylic on canvas51.2 x 37.4 in (130 x 95 cm); 25.6 x 37,4 in (65 x 95 cm)/eachPhysical artwork
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About the artwork

“All my work has always been about the fragility of balancing the things I can control against losing control. For this reason, I love working with Plaster of Paris because it is essentially a liquid to begin with, slipping through my fingers and then suddenly, for a short minute or so, begins to harden and will take on the negative shape of whatever it is in contact with. I love this magical moment where the liquid chaos transforms into solid order as the plaster shifts from an infinite number of possibilities into the shadow of its host. In that moment I often think about William Blake's words "To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour." I use my body with it's scars, fingerprints, textures and shapes as a mould, searching for ways I can use my three-dimensional physical form to spiritualize matter in the materialization of spirit. The drawings are just as visceral and embody the delicate harmony between creation and destruction as the controlled line surrenders to the accident of the splash. The process of making them is entirely three dimensional as I use my holistic body as if I were leaping into the sheet of paper like an ocean of consciousness. I see drawing as a natural process that is a bridge between my wild chaotic nature and undomesticated nature at large, so I always work horizontally on the floor, like Jackson Pollock. It's vitally important that I work in harmony with nature and not against her because the drawings embody the energy of gravity and the momentum of a gesture. In this way, the splash becomes a witness to the energy that has cast it down against the paper (or canvas). These splashes are the wounds or memories that have opened out into blossoms in the exorcism of my Flowers of Pain (Les Fleurs du Mal). Making paintings, drawings, or sculptures is a process of transferring energy from one state of consciousness into another, a process of manifestation in which chaos is my guide and order is my escort" (Kendell Geers).

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